What backdrops are included in the package?

Mermaid gold, mermaid rose gold, black sequin, white, black, silver sequin, stars and banana leaf.

What props are included in the package?

All of our trendy props are included in each package. We also add in a few props to match the theme of your event (wedding, baby shower, graduation, etc.) We try not to do a lot of add-ons. The only things we add on for are things that take us extra time or money making.  If it is an add-on, we are up front about that and it's pricing.

Can I rent a backdrop without the photo booth?

Heck yes you can! Just shoot us an email. We're happy to share the love.

Can I request a custom made prop?

Definitely! We love custom crafting your event. Just shoot us an email and we can add it on to your package. Just let us know early, so that we have time to have it made!

Can I bring my own backdrop?

Absolutely! Just shoot us an email! We can use one of our stands for it as long as it fits the dimensions.

How do I book an event?

Click here to book your event! We cannot wait to be apart of it! 

How much space is required for the booth?
Ideally, at least a 10 sq. ft. area. We can squeeze if necessary, we're flexible!

Can we set up the booth outside?

We love setting up our booth outside! Of course, pending weather.

Do we pay for the time it takes you to set up and take down?

Nope! The time you pay for is purely photo booth time. We set up and take down on our own time. We aren't trying to take any time away from your photos!

Do you need an outlet/power?

Yes! We need a 110V, 10 amps, 3 prong outlet. 

Do I have to choose between a GIF or a photo?

For most rentals but not for ours! Our booth is special. And we like to brag about it. It does both... and more! That's something that no other booth has- the ability to switch between GIFs, boomerangs and photos in under a minute.

Do we get all the digital files?

You betcha! A digital library will be available to you during and after your event.

Is there a limit on the number of prints at an event?
Everyone in the shot gets a print! If it's a solo shot or group shot, we've got you covered.

What size are the prints?

Our booth is the only booth that prints multiple size prints at the touch of a button. How cool it that?! It prints 2x6, 4x6 and 6x6. Just make sure you let us know which size print you would like at your event.


Can we add our own graphics/logos on the prints?

Yes! Just provide us with the PNG or JPEG file and we will add that to your print at no extra cost.

Do you design our print template?

Yes! We will work to design the template that best fits your event. We can custom design it to match your invitation or event them. 


What is the difference between a boomerang and a GIF?

A boomerang a short video that repeats over and over again. 

A GIF is a moving photo that is a combination of 4 photos. GIFs, boomerangs and photos are included in all of our packages.